Hi, I'm #wgtnallaboutbi – nice to meet you!

by | Apr 11, 2014

Hi.  We might not have met before.  I’m a rad business intelligence meetup group put together by Bronnie from OptimalBI.  I have a group on meetup.com and a twitter hashtag.  Yep, I’m that awesome.
Right, enough of the personification of a meetup and writing in the first person.  If you’re interested in business intelligence, data, big data, data warehousing, reporting, analytics and data visualisation you should join the group and be part of the community.

  • Communities are where it’s at.  They’re a great way to share information, meet new people, learn stuff, expand on what you already know, network, hide in the corner but still get exposure, find out what’s going on in your space.
  • It’s free.  There’s beer and nibbles involved.


  • #wgtnallaboutbi meets every two months.


  • Register for the group and come along.
  • If you’re wanting to share information – volunteer to speak!  You can try a traditional 15 minute presentation, be on a panel, run a workshop, facilitate a round table discussion, do a demonstration, share your experience with a product and give others some tips and tricks, so many options… Your audience are captive – they want to learn from you!

See you there!
~ Bronnie

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