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by | Mar 20, 2014

Everyone has an opinion about what makes a good resume.  There’s millions of tips on the internet about how to make yours better than your competitor – I thought I’d wade in on this topic as well to specifically focus on Business Intelligence CVs, as that’s that I see most of.
There is only one thing you need to ensure you do:  Make your resume tell a clear story.
Let’s start from the top and work down the page:

  •  Your name should be bigger than the words ‘Curriculum Vitae’.  Give the two best means of contact then write a title that corresponds with the job you’re applying for and the skills you have – e.g. Data analyst, Oracle data warehouse developer, SAS EM guru.  You get the idea.
  • Use bullet points to summarise the skills you have that you know the job will require.  If you’re an analyst who has used SAS EM and has modelling experience, write that down; if you’re a developer note what tools you have used, if you’ve got experience with dashboard/data migration/new build projects; include your formal education – your degree and any professional (applicable) training courses.

This is the point, about half a page in, where the reader will either choose to continue reading your CV or give up completely.  Make their life easy.  Tell them you have the skills for the job (so long as you actually do, of course!)
Now you can start explaining how you got these skills, most people use chronological order with the most recent experience first. Cover the basics like your title, how long you were there for and the company.  From there you need to summarise the specifics:

  • What were you doing that the business wanted?  What were you responsible for?  What did you deliver?  Was there any success?  What tools did you use?

Rinse and repeat until you finish page two.  The reader doesn’t want any more than that for a tailored, specific CV and  job.  Don’t supply references until you’re asked.
Next step:  Interview!  Good luck and practice describing all the points you made in your CV in more detail 🙂
~ Bronnie

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