Giraffe slobber isn't as bad as sun bear goober

by | Jan 30, 2014

Volunteering is awesome.  There’s even a special day assigned to it.
At OptimalBI, we have a volunteer day each year where all employees stop customer work and give time to a local charity.  There’s a whole lot of information out there about how companies need to embrace social responsibility, we even write about it in our RFP responses, clearly it’s a bloody good idea.
I encountered an unexpected issue while sorting out our volunteer day this year:  It was quite difficult to find a charity who actually wanted our help.
After researching a few potentials, I fired off about a dozen emails – both to organisations who’d directly need our help and also to volunteer co-ordinators/middlemen who might be able to help us help someone.  3 people contacted me back.  3?!  Can’t be?!  What a low response rate!
From these three, it worked out that there was really only one option for us:  Off to the zoo we go!
Danielle (Wellington Zoo’s Volunteer Manager) made our day super smooth, every question I raised was patiently answered and before you knew it, we were picking up leaves and pulling dandelions from meadows more efficiently than a PD gang.  Thanks also to Hamish from Hell’s Pizza Island Bay who delivered treats to keep the gang moving outside the store’s usual business hours.  Gold stars for you both.
The highlight of the day would have to be feeding the giraffes.  Our man Don convinced us that it would be fun to place leaves between our teeth and have the beasts foot-long tongue lick our faces while searching for their treats.  It was AWESOME!
Volunteer days:  Do them.
Giraffe zoo Bronnie copy

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