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by | Nov 7, 2016

Life is a path. Moving up, down, forwards and paradoxically backwards. The route we take goes through rough and unwelcoming territories, left without food and water. Luckily we’re strong and we can climb the mountain where we will be able to stand on top and enjoy the magnificent view. Today I feel like I’m standing on top of a big mountain.  Since my legs are sore and my stomach is empty I can tell the journey has been demanding, but the view is so beautiful and the feeling of becoming a stronger and even better me feels amazing. I’m gasping for my breath, but I have never felt more proud and satisfied in my entire life.
I’m allowing myself to enjoy the rush at this moment. Knowing that this was just one of many mountains on my path. From the top of the mountain where I’m still standing it seems like this one was bigger than all the other mountains I have climbed before, which just makes the experience greater, but now that has been said, I can see by the sizes of the mountains in front of me that this step has only been a bump on my way.
Focusing on the traveling part of the story. I’ve been caught on the mountain’s unfriendly side many times, but there has always been a hand or a way out from being stranded and I’m extremely grateful for everything that has been sent in my direction. All the advice, suggestions, guidance and words of encouragement. Thank you all so incredibly much. I can’t express how much it means!
This is the last of my trilogy of blogs looking back at my time at OptimalBI. I think of my first steps from the elevator into OptimalBI’s space, towards the kitchen where the team was discussing the week’s happenings. I remember almost getting sick from being so nervous, but then I bumped into Geoff. He asked me if I would like a beer or a glass of wine, immediately I started to relax and ended up enjoying the moment instead. Ever since that Friday I have felt a part of the team, even with the language barriers and miscommunication.
Thank you for being part of my adventure. Till we meet again.
By only concentrating on the present moment, we make the past count and the future possible – Lasse Kristensen.
Lasse Kristensen was an Danish intern at OptimalBI during late 2016.  You can read Lasse’s blog An adventure of a lifetime or Jack’s introduction blog if you want to know more about Lasse and his experiences in Wellington.
We run regular business intelligence courses in both Wellington and Auckland.

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