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New border measures put in place by the NZ Government starting March 16, 2020 mean that all cruise ships are banned from docking in New Zealand, and the ongoing effect on the cruise ship industry is uncertain.

We will stop FogHorn notifications during this ban and restart them when this ban is lifted and cruise ships are visiting Wellington again.

Take care, stay safe and keep up to date with the Ministry of Health updates, information and advice.



Cruise ships arrive in our little capital all the time, bringing thousands of tourists along with them. If you are a business this is brilliant and the new faces are a super boost for our economy. For pedestrians and commuters, it can cause a few hiccups in our day to day lives with fuller footpaths and tourist attractions, so it’s good to know ahead of time. FogHorn is here to help you prepare, so we can keep on welcoming our guests without any stress.


What is FogHorn?

With our email alerts, you’ll know ahead of time and be able to adjust your plans, avoid queues and be prepared. Once you enter your e-mail address, we will send you a notification whenever a large cruise ship arrives in Wellington.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do these alerts look like? You will be notified by an email at 8am on the day the cruise ship arrives with an email containing the time the ship pulls in.

What do you use my email address for? Just sending you cruise ship notifications. We won’t be adding you to any nasty databases or selling your information to anyone, we just want to help you navigate the tourist floods. 🙂

Who are you and why are you helping me? We are Optimal Business Intelligence and fellow Lambton Quay users. We noticed a challenge that many Wellingtonians are affected by and decided to try and offer a solution. We’re good like that.

Where did you get the cruise ship schedule from? The times and dates that ships come in are actually published by the ports, similar to the way the airport publishes plane arrival times. We scooped up that info and made this project from there.

Which ports and cities is this service for? Just Wellington and Wellington ships are covered, as that’s where we are based. At this point, we don’t have plans to expand to other cities.


Our privacy statement

We take your privacy pretty seriously, so decided to expand on the above information about what we do and don’t do with your data.  We collect personal information from you, including your contact information, and we do this in order to email you with the cruise ship information.  Providing this information is optional, if you choose not to enter your email address, we won’t be able to let you know if a cruise ship is in town.  You have the right to ask for a copy of any personal information we hold about you, and to ask for it to be corrected if it is wrong, you can do this by emailing foghorn@optimalbi.com.



If ever you decide these emails aren’t for you, just click the ‘Unsubscribe’ link in one of our emails and we’ll stop emailing you. Simple.