Foghorn is back in Wellington this summer! But where else should it go?

by | Oct 22, 2019

Last summer we brought you Foghorn, an email notification service which lets you know when a cruise ship is due in Wellington harbour.  Well, it’s back this summer too!

You should have received some notifications in the last week or so if you’re already signed up, but if you haven’t, or you’d like to get in on Foghorn’s goodness, you can sign up here.  If you have any questions or comments just reach out to us via email

Why we made Foghorn

We made Foghorn because we really love those bánh mì Vietnamese sandwiches and noodle salads (the fresh spring rolls are also very, very good) from NamD, located in Cable Car Lane.  However, we’d often find the lane packed with tourists, which made getting our sammich ever so slightly more difficult… what to do, what to do?  With Foghorn, we can plan our lunch ahead of time and avoid the cruise ship tourists.

We’re a business intelligence consultancy, so we know our way around data.  We also love making new, cool sh!t and we think Foghorn classifies as cool sh!t!  You should feel safe giving us your data (your email address) as we’ll only use it for the Foghorn notifications themselves, plus a couple of emails about the service each year.

What’s next for Foghorn?

Cruise ships form a big chunk of our tourism industry not only in Wellington, but also other cities in New Zealand and the world.  We’re currently toying with the idea of bringing Foghorn notifications to another city in Aotearoa and want to know your view on who should be next.  Cast your vote now!


Sign up to Foghorn by clicking this link.

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