First Steps with Qlik Sense

by | Apr 7, 2016

Getting thrown in the deep end is a common occurrence for me at OptimalBI. My current challenge is QlikSense, go forth and learn something useful was the directive. Others at OptimalBI have already looked into different facets of Qlik. Coming into this with a developers background my first goal wasn’t the pretty stuff, it was what fancy technical things can it do. I quickly came to my senses and decided to walk before I ran, my background with these types of tools is in OBIEE and this a very different way of doing things. So where do you start? Thankfully, it is in Qlik’s best interest that their tools are easy to learn and provide an excellent starting point on their community web page. If you’re a ‘read the manual’ person then here is where to start for the user type instructions and here for the more technical build custom stuff developer guide. The important thing to check is to make sure you have selected the correct version the documentation for the version of Qlik you are using.
qlik documentation version number
The path I followed was the using the community web page. They have a couple of very good tutorials that can be used as your first steps into Qlik.

Qlik provides everything you need with these tutorials. Step by step video and documentation, data sets and finished version of the apps you can deploy. In the case of the Developer Tutorial, it evens comes with a more comprehensive app with additional functionality that can be used as learning material.
I think these are first good steps of a long journey ahead.

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