FIFA U20 World Cup, my journey continues

by | Apr 9, 2015

I was excited to hear last week that I have been allocated a volunteer role.
A brief quote from the email I received.
“We have received almost 2500 applications across New Zealand, of a very high standard. Selecting our volunteers is a tough job and we were really impressed with your interview. We know you have got the skills, passion, enthusiasm and commitment we need for our team!”
I’m sure they don’t put that in every email, feeling really special.
I will be working in the Competitions Team (Medical) as a member of the Sideline Medical Team.  Now I know this sounds all flash and all but when you read the job description the truth is easy to see.
Sideline Medical Team:  To assist the Venue Medical Officer, team doctors and other medical professionals transport injured or unwell players from the field.
Key Responsibilities: 

  • assist with the transport of injured players from the field of play in consultation with the venue medical officer, team doctor and other medical professionals.
  • To work effectively as a member of a 4 person team, adhering closely to all instructions given.
  • Need to be physically fit and strong enough to use a stretcher. Also to be well presented as this team will be visible on the sideline of the field.

Time Commitment:  All match days and training day
Shane out
'Get the stretcher! He's got a mole on his leg that looks a little funky!!'

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