AskSAM Advice – How do I change database schemas in a SAS/Access libname?

Enterprise guide for SAS coders.(Part 3b – Hotel Paradiso cont.)

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Enterprise guide for SAS coders.(Part 2 – Exempli Gratia)

Enterprise guide for SAS coders.(Part 1 – Code glorious code)

The trainer makes the training

Lawrence Corr in full swing at OptimalHQ, delivering Agile Data Warehouse Design. Geoff posted a few weeks ago about what makes for good training. On his list were the right motivation and attitude on the part of attendees, a conducive environment, and most...

How to set up access in OptimalSpyglass

Introduction The security and access for OptimalSpyglass is important. In order to make OptimalSpyglass as secure as we could we talked to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and tried to get as many other views on security models as we could. We wanted to resolve the following...

Comparing sets in SQL

I was shown the following technique for comparing tables when I was a junior programmer many years ago. WITH A as (SELECT something) , B as (SELECT another_similar_thing) SELECT * FROM A MINUS SELECT * FROM B UNION ALL SELECT * FROM B MINUS SELECT * FROM A; This...