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by | Jan 24, 2017

As a SAS Admin I like things to be ordered and efficient. This includes the SAS code that you write, that then runs on my server.
I have learnt a number of performance tricks over the decades and am happy to admit that I am not too old to learn some more.  So when Larry LaRusso editor of SAS Tech Report recently posted a link to a Webinar entitled “Top 10 ways to optimise your SAS code” I had to go and watch it.
Here are a couple of things that I learnt, I’m sure you will find something you’ll be interested in to.

  • Minimising reads on Input, use of the : and repeating variable names.

So I always knew it was important to reduce IO by limited the number of rows and fields you read, but I didn’t realise that you can use the : to read only the first part of the field and further more use the same variable name (dummy) for multiple fields in the file you don’t want.

  • Indexes and sorting

We all know indexes can be a very useful tool for reducing read time when used correctly. What I learnt was that if you sort the data by the index you gain even more efficiencies.

So please take a moment to view the Webinar, you never know what you might learn. Top 10 ways to optimize your SAS code
If you wish to receive Larry’s SAS Tech Report you can subscribe here.
Shane out.
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