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by | Jun 7, 2016

My recent challenges have been getting spatial data in an open format. Statistics NZ was my source for information but on their official website the data I wanted was only available in ESRI and MapInfo formats. Open data in propriety formats seems counter intuitive. Luckily there seems to have been movement in this area, there are plenty of disclaimers that it’s still in test/prototype but it’s still nice to find. The innovation.stats.govt.nz website had a list of initiatives one of those is datafinder which allows you to download a whole range of spatial data in more open formats such as KML and CSV.
It’s a simple process to get the data.
Search for your data set.


Source: OptimalBI

Click on download.

Source: OptimalBI

Then specify a download format and download. You will need to create an account the first time you attempt a download.

Source: OptimalBI

With a bit more investigation, I discovered that Datafinder is just a skin over the Koordinats.com website. Going directly to that website gives you access to the data Stats NZ have exposed and a wealth of other open spatial data sets.

Source: OptimalBI

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