Didn't go to SUNZ? No worries – here's my take on the day

by | Feb 20, 2014

SUNZ was held yesterday.  For those who don’t know, SUNZ is the annual conference for the SAS Users of New Zealand.
Headlining the event was the Hon. Paula Bennett, minister of social development and I must say, she is certainly passionate about what she and her ministry are doing and is absolutely stoked that it is possible to use data and analytics to get there.  Following her was the champion of her work, James Mansell the Director of Innovation & Strategy at the Ministry of Social Development – I saw James as part of the panel at the SAS Forum in Sydney last year and was really looking forward to hearing more about what they were doing so thanks to SUNZ I got to hear more – excellent!
Powershop teamed up with OptimalBI and talked about the project we did together last year – the room was packed to listen to two guys in t-shirts and jeans.
After lunch, Geoff and I decided to head to the technology stream and listen to SAS NZ’s Chief Architect talk about what’s new with SAS 9.4 – something Barry was amused by.  There were bets as to how long we’d last before we were completely glazed over and not understanding a word – it took me until about the half way mark, but I’m very pleased I went.  It was good to see someone from SAS stand up and say that their product wasn’t perfect and what they’re doing to change it.  Nice change from the salesman.
Speaking of the salesman, I went to Milo’s SAS VA presentation – it was smooth – well done!  The product looked great and did everything it was supposed to – this made me wonder what kind of data prep went into that?
Highlight of the day would have to be Ken Quarrie’s locknote speech about how they’re analysing all the NZ Rugby data – it was awesome to see how that information is being used to set up try scoring set pieces.
~ Bronnie
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