Data Vault Certification: Day 2 and 3

by | Nov 18, 2014

DV Course BookDay 2 of the Data Vault Modeling certification course started at a far more reasonable hour compared to yesterdays red eye flight into Sydney, which you can read about here.  It gave me time to go for a quick run around the Opera House, under the Harbour Bridge and past the Sydney Observatory.  The extra few degrees certainly made the run feel harder than it should have been at 6am.
Jonathan Sellar and I strolled down towards Circular Quay, stopping for breakfast and a coffee on the way.  Is it just me, or is coffee throughout Australia slowly improving?  Granted it has nothing on Wellington, but it seems far more drinkable than I remember.  The service at the restaurant on the other hand was rather terrible, with them managing to stuff up both our orders.  I just hope the chef’s second attempt at my meal didn’t contain a side of spit.
We started the second day of the course with a group exercise, designing another data vault model. It gave people the opportunity to arrive over the course of a half hour or so, get their mind straight back into the game, and of course, consume some caffeine.  That was followed by Hans Hultgren going through a few more subject areas using the PowerPoint slides.
The day once again featured a lot of food.  The highlight of today’s food was the chocolate chip cookies for afternoon tea.  I had four, oops.  CookiesThe rest of the afternoon featured some more PowerPoint slides, and the start of another group Data Vault model design to cap off the day.
That evening was the course “happy hour”, with Hans putting on some beers and sliders for everyone on the course and past alumni.  Knowing we had an exam the next day, everyone was well behaved.  It was good being able to have a chat and a laugh with everyone in a more social setting, as well as pick the brains of people who had previously completed the course.  Jonathan and I managed to eat enough sliders to mitigate the need for dinner.
The 3rd and final day of the course started with a bit of study and a quick jog to get the brain into action.  We wandered down to the waterfront and ordered some pancakes and coffee for breakfast.  The temperature was well past 20 degrees at 8am, with a forecast temperature into the mid 30’s.  Luckily the training room had air conditioning, or I was going to struggle in a long sleeved shirt and black pants.
We re-joined our groups from the previous afternoon’s data vault model design and continued working on that.  This was the third model we were designing, and the level of technical discussion was noticeably increasing as we became more knowledgeable and confident on the subject.  Morning tea was integrated with a show and tell of our latest models, then it was into the final few PowerPoint slides of the course.
Lunch was a banquet today, with variety of meats, salads and slaws.  After a quick bite, I took the opportunity to walk down to the waterfront and clear my head before the exam.  The heat outside was ferocious!
It was time.  3 days of Data Vault course packaged up into one 3 hour exam.  Without giving too much away, I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever spent an entire exam continually writing like that before.  Usually I have some breathing space to review my answers, but this one was a level 100, hand cramping scribble-a-thon.  Fair to say, post exam required a few beers to unwind, and relieve a bit of the stress and anxiety that had built up.
I thoroughly enjoyed the course.  Hans was a great presenter and someone who was very easy to get along with.  We enjoyed some fish and chips with him on the Saturday at Watson’s Bay before our flight back to Wellington.  Hopefully we will see him in New Zealand in the near future!  Now I just have my fingers crossed that I will receive an early Christmas present with a passed Data Vault Modeling certification!  Only a few more weeks to wait.

  1. Dan Linstedt

    Now, we need to get your skills up to datavault 2.0, learn agile, incorporate big data, and focus on rapid delivery… I’d love to make it to New Zealand to teach the course. Cheers mates, dan linstedt

    • Nic Cox

      We’d love to have you over here Dan! Let us know when.



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