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by | Oct 25, 2016

I thought that there were Kimball and Inmon methodologies, and no other way of building data warehouses. It was a bit of surprise to me that more than 1400 data warehouses around the world are built with the Data Vault methodology, and I’d never even heard about it before.
However, I learned a lot about the Data Vault this August when the Data Vault guru Hans Hultgren came to New Zealand to run the three-days Data Vault course. It was a nice opportunity to learn new Data Warehouse modelling technique. I have enjoyed Hans’ way of teaching us. He gave us just enough theory each day so we could apply what we’ve learnt immediately on the modelling sessions for the rest of the day. I believe that practical experience and brainstorming in teams is an effective way to understand the Data Vault. certificatedv
On the last day the course we had a certification exam. As I had some experience already, and more practice during the course days, the exam was relatively easy for me. I answered the theory questions without much thinking. The most important part of the exam was a Data Vault model design based on the techniques we learned during the course. A few days after the exam I was still thinking about the model, and I was re-designing it again and again. I even had a feeling that I had failed the exam, because, in hindsight, my model wasn’t the best I could do. However, Data Vault is perfectly aligned with the Agile methodology, which means that there’s no completely wrong answer. Re-designing just one link or hub can resolve an issue, while it doesn’t cause an issue in any other part of the data warehouse.
Turns out that my not-so-perfect model is still good enough to pass the exam! I received a message from the Genesee Academy that I’ve done it and I’m a Certified Data Vault Data Modeller now! You can find my name on the list of certified data modellers from all around the world. I’m proud to be the part of this big family! Let’s build another 1400 data warehouses with the Data Vault, people!
I’m working on the second Data Vault project here in Wellington. I joined my first project before the certification and the second project after it. I can say that it made a big difference to me. I feel like I’m armed with the methodology now, so that nothing can stop me from designing a reliable Data Vault model.
I can see the increasing demand in Data Vault methodology around the world, and even New Zealand has more and more Data Vault projects starting. Hans Hultgren is coming to New Zealand again this year to run another course; an amazing opportunity that should not be missed.
Masseuse of all the Data – Kate
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  1. Kristy

    Hi Kate! I will be attending the Data Vault course in December and I was wondering if you have any study recommendations for a beginner without a lot of data modelling experience? I am halfway through the book but I am quite worried that I might not have enough work experience to pass the exam.

  2. Kate Loguteva

    Hi Kristy
    I’m sure you will be fine! As you have started reading the Data Vault book, I believe, you understand core principles by now. Remember, you will have three days of modelling practice with Hans, that’s enough for exam.
    Maybe blogs could help to see the Data Vault from different perspectives; Kent Graziano, Roelant Vos, Remco Broekmans and Hans himself, all wrote many articles around DV.
    Also you can download our open source Data Vault engine and try it in action:
    Enjoy your learning!

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