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by | Nov 8, 2016

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We are big fans of Data Vault here at OptimalBI, we teach both a one-day and a three-day course in Auckland and Wellington. We also have ODE (Optimal Data Engine) which is based on Data Vault.
We have also, of course, written a lot of blogs about Data Vault. Here are out greatest hits.

Brian Bradley, Master of the Vault

Brian is one of only 6 certified trainers worldwide qualified to teach the Data Vault Data Modeler course. Here are his blogs on Data Vault;

Nic Cox, Data Brewer

Nic is now in London doing exciting things but when he was here at OptimalBI he was a BI Developer and Data Vault specialist.

Kate Loguteva, Data Masseuse

Kate is a data warehouse developer who is also Data Vault certified. Here are her blogs on Data Vault.

Shaun McGirr, Data Digger

Shaun is now also in London but he is a Data Scientist, here are his thoughts on Data Vault.

Shane Gibson, AgileBI Coach

Shane loves to help customers make their information visible, and his current journey involves taking the world of Agile and applying it to Data Warehousing, Analytics, Reporting and Visualisation.

As you can see we have been busy writing Data Vault blogs. Jump on in.
Success is preparation meets opportunity – Jack 
Jack blogs about community, social media and how all this data stuff impacts the rest of us.
You can read all of Jack’s blogs here.
We run regular Data Vault course for business analysts, data architects, and business intelligence developers in Wellington and Auckland. Find out more here.
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