Contracting: Can you smell the roses?

by | Jul 10, 2014

In March, Shane Gibson blogged about the Wellington contractor market:  That it’s changing, how it’s changing, a bit of history and behaviours.
We’ve all been keeping a steady eye on that market and it looks like the tide might be turning.  Hold on to your hats Wellington!  Not because the next southerly stinger is coming, but because the business intelligence contractor market is beginning to pick up after at least six months of being as flat as a pancake.
Seriously, since around October last year there’s been hardly anyone hiring BI specialists.  Bugger all 6 month-ish projects.  I know quite a few fairly experienced contractors who have found themselves looking at the bad side of being a contractor, some haven’t been able to pick up roles at all, some taking fixed-term contracts and some even going permanent or taking roles overseas.
It’s been quite a shock for these contractors, after years of peaked cushy jobs the trough has arrived and we’re gradually on our way out of despair.
Question –
If you’re a contractor who’s gone permanent or taken a fixed term job, let me ask you a question:  When I call you to find out what your availability is, what are you going to tell me?  Are you going to say ‘see-ya’ to the job that has helped you through tough times to go contracting again, or are you going to see the work through?  What if you’re completing a critical job for the business, would that change things?
Wellington is a small city.  But contracting can be lucrative.  What to do…
~ Bronnie

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