Contexts and custom fields in JIRA

by | Dec 18, 2014

We’re working through a series of tasks to migrate our time keeping and workload management into JIRA. For this we needed to set up some extra custom fields so we could gather all the data we need to integrate with our other apps.
JIRA allows you to add extra fields at an issue level and using contexts allows you to change the values by project and issue type. Within our current system we use Projects to define the subject of the invoice and sub-groups to define the line items. JIRA Issues are too low level for our invoices so needed a way to group these, this involved creating a custom field. This is how we did it:
1. Click JIRA Administration Menu (Cog)  > Issues
2. Navigate to Custom Fields down the left
3. Click + Add Custom Field (Top Right)
4. Choose the option you need, for ours we needed a ‘Select List (single choice)’, then click next
5. Specify a name, an optional description and Add the options you want available in the drop down. If you’re planning on using contexts then these will be the default values, if you haven’t specified a different context. Once you’ve completed the fields, click Create.
6. Navigate back to Custom Fields, find the field you’ve just created and click the cog icon next to it, then Configure.
7. At the top, you’ll be able to ‘Add new context’, specify the context name in ‘Configuration scheme label’. Add an optional description.
8. You can limit on issue type, project or both. Specify what you’d like the context to apply to, holding down Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac) will allow you to select multiples. Once you’re happy with the setup, click Add and it will take you back to the context list.
9. Find your context and click ‘Edit Options’. Add in the values you want for that context then click Done.
10. Final part is to add your new field to the issues screen so it can be filled in. Click on Screens down the left, find the screen your issues use – if you haven’t edited screens then it should just be ‘Default Screen’. Click configure.
11. Scroll to the bottom and in the dropdown find your newly created field and click it. This will add it to the list. You can change the order of the fields by dragging them up and down by the dots to the left of the name.
Keep exploring! Daniel

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