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Oracle Apex Dynamic Page Item Help

Oracle Apex Dynamic Page Item Help

I'm Ben Lee I'm into report development, data integration and data modelling. In this blog I explain how I helped a customer manage their own help text. Recently I had the scenario where a customer wanted to be able to manage their own help text for a page in an...

Administrating SAS in a Linux environment

If you’ve ever worked in Linux and Windows environments you will know that one of the biggest differences is the security. Windows is generally quite open where Linux is heavily controlled. Here are a couple of things that I've learned that might make your life...

When you can't change your password.

Recently I had to change my password (as we all do), but on this occasion it didn't work, while not completely anyway. This is my story and what I learnt. I changed my password when prompted during the login process and then logged into SAS Enterprise Guide and...