Case Study: TEC AgileBI coaching

by | Oct 27, 2016

logoWriting a customer case study doesn’t come naturally to us, we know we do great work – our customers tell us every day – we just aren’t that flash at bragging about it. So you can imagine my delight and surprise when Day 2 Keynote at the ITx Conference Brendan Kelly, CIO of TEC (Tertiary Education Commission) stood before a full room of delegates and sang our praises – he mentioned OptimalBI TEC’s AgileBI Coaching Partner more times than I could count. Best customer case study ever and totally initiated by the client.
Our role with TEC was Teaching and Coach them in AgileBI methods and processes to help them navigate their Data Warehouse (DW) and Business Intelligence (BI) programme journey. Initially our engagement was full-time and as Coaching necessitates we continued to Coach part-time as their team enthusiastically and capably stepped up and ran with their newfound techniques and processes. Our approach to this assignment included key deliverables of:

As Brendan explained that basically meant they needed to think outside the box, walk away from their traditional waterfall project based roots and legacy data graveyards – to do this they started by “learning to unlearn” under the watchful eye of Shane Gibson and Geoff Hunt. Brendan described how successful the subsequent programme has been for TEC with engaged, enthusiastic self-service users, highly accountable and productive sprint teams and positive benefit realisation.
The key elements we helped TEC through their process with were:

  • Engaging with their stakeholders and taking the organisation on a journey
  • Focusing on outcomes instead of inputs
  • Learning to work as a shared accountability team

Hearing this for myself reinforced why we moved from a traditional consulting firm to one who enables and supports customers through Teaching them how we do it to becomg self sufficient sooner, Coaching them to work the way we do to assist their team stepping up and working alongside organisations in a blended team helping deliver their programme in a Doing capacity as well. Feel free to drop me a line if you want to know more. Happy sharing, Vic.
You can view Brendan’s presentation “Building the Plane in the Air” here: brendan_kelly-itx-presentation
Victoria MacLennan is a reformed techo from the data and information management world – who now focuses on creating jobs and opportunities.
Victoria is passionate about Open Data, Data Privacy and Governance so will blog on those topics occasionally. 
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