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by | Mar 16, 2015

OptimalBI love YellowfinBI so we were thrilled to see them on the Gartner Magic Quadrant (MQ) for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms again in 2015, great validation for any product vendor.
To procure a copy of the report one needs to be a Gartner customer, not something we can afford, so I’ve taken this quadrant image from Forbes and their article “Key Take-aways from Gartner’s 2015 Magic Quadrant For Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms“.
Since it’s pretty interesting to gain insight comparing 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 movements of vendors I found these two graphics published by a BI blogger in Belgium called Wouter Trappers, you can read his full post here.
This first image shows the 2014 MQ with drawn lines identifying where those vendors have moved to in 2015, interesting movements include Tibco, Tableau, Qlik, SAS, SAP and Microsoft all moving in what looks like the wrong direction vs massive moves in the right direction from the new player onto the Quadrant Logi Analytics and 2013 entrant Pyramid Analytics:
This second image shows the 2014 MQ with orange dots and lines demonstrating movement of each vendor from their 2013 positions, the green dots show new entrants and we can see Yellowfin entered the MQ in 2014:
In researching this blog post I discovered something I hadn’t anticipated – people questioning Gartner’s independence with pay-to-play accusations and others questioning the validity of their research. My only real conclusions from reading loads of articles –  Are we losing the love for Gartner’s Magic Quadrant? Here are a few links to articles if you are interested in that topic. Enjoy the comments on some of these, Vic.
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