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So here are our latest blogs sharing what we have learnt lately, we hope it will make your life easier.

AWS Lex Code Hooks Guide

There is an official Amazon blog on how to do dialog hooks and code is available on GitHub. Documentation fully describes syntax of JSON objects that Lex and Lambda exchange. But it took me some time to try this code and experiment to understand what each of the...

How SVG ViewBox Works

  <SVG viewBox="W T F ?"></SVG> Recently I have been involved with a project that is pretty much centered around SVG's. Almost unavoidably I encountered the viewBox attribute for SVG's and even more unavoidably encountered problems with it. Min-x,...

Amazon Lex first steps

And now for something completely different. Chat bots are a technology that I have not had the opportunity to use in the past. Recently I was given a opportunity to get one working for a proof of concept. There are a few different options in this space, but we chose...



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