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I am currently working on a project that has chosen to use Varigence BimlFlex as the preferred tool to create and manage the data warehouse.  BimlFlex is a data warehouse framework that allows you to model and build an end to end data warehouse solution using a collection of templates, and definitions without writing a single line of code yourself.  Of course, more complex solutions will require some code writing.

The problem

I ran into a problem during the install where the correct SSIS components needed for my project were not installed.  I am running SQL Server 2017 and SQL Server Integration Services 2017 using Visual Studio 2019.  I had successfully created a small source to staging model in BimlFlex and created the tables and SSIS project using BimlStudio.  However, when it came time to execute the SSIS batch, I was missing the custom Biml SSIS components.

What I did to solve it

This took me back to the original BimlFlex installer (bimlflexdevsetup.exe), and after a bit of head scratching, I found that there is a section for viewing unavailable components.  If you click through the installer exe again, clicking through until you get to the “Select BimlFlex Runtime Features” section, you will see “View Unavailable Features”, click this.

You will see in the above screenshot, my BimlFlex installation only found SQL Server 2012 components by default.

Once you are in the Unavailable BimlFlex Runtime Features section, right click the components you require and select Force Install.  Back out of this section and continue through the installer until successfully complete.

Back in BIMLStudio, build your project again.  Also make sure that your project versions are set correctly before doing this. Click File > Project Settings, and scroll down to Versions and select the appropriate versions for your project. In my case this is SQL Server 2017 and SSIS 2017.

Open your SSIS project in Visual Studio, open up a package and check the custom components are now there and the solution build correctly.

Cheers, Nic.


Nic Cox is a data warehouse specialist who loves the challenge of solving a problem, like he’s done in this blog.  He also enjoys being back in Aotearoa after a few years in London, running, more running, and generally being outdoors.  Read Nic’s other blogs or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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