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Grafana is a easy to use dashboarding tool for timeseries data. Timeseries data is fun, and grafana is fun so I thought I’d take the time to do a quick run down on what it can do for you.

So what does Grafana do?

Grafana graphs your timeseries data in a live dashboard so you can see thing happen in real time.

This makes grafana a really good tool to see how things in the real world are performing.

You could visualize:

  • IOT device data
  • IT systems health
  • Web server performance
  • Power consumption

You can then put a bunch of these graphs on the same page!


Once you have created you dashboard, set it to refresh as fast as you want and then sit back and enjoy!


Grafana can also take action based on the data it is reading. When you have connected it to a data source is can monitor the values and it something bad happens it can alert you in a bunch of different ways.

When an alert triggers in can send that alert to:

Where can I get my data from?

Grafana loves time series data, and as such loves almost any database that supports timeseries data formats. This includes protocol like connections like Graphite and OpenTSDB, but also Grafana can talk natively to:

Grafana doesn’t do quite what I want…

Grafana has a neat plugin system as well as a plugin repository where you can find plugins that the community (and Grafana themselves). Read more about it here.
Plugins can be a great way to get Grafana to do some really great stuff.


Hopefully that give you a quick clue as to what Grafana can do

Until next time…

Tim Gray
Coffee to Code


Tim writes blogs from a developers perspective – tools, tips, API’s – check them out here

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