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Microservices are a hard concept to explain to someone fresh to the field. I have written one overview post you can read here, but instead of listening to me go on and on about them, let’s change it up and read about some other peoples thoughts on micro services starting with Wikipedia’s definition.

Integration Works

Integration works has a good blog series on microservices that is worth a look for general high level concepts.


Nginx has a number of good illustrations in their blog to help those of us who are visual learners so worth a look.


Redhat have some interesting blogs that cover a range of good things to know when thinking about microservices. These blogs cover everything from high level concepts to ways of getting started in Microservice Land.


A quicker read than the other links is the summary of what are microservices from MongoDB. It covers much of what you need to know about high level microservice concepts.

Just a few things I thought were worth a read!

Tim Gray
Coffee to Code

Check out Tim’s series on “What’s the Best RESTful Web API Framework”

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