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Last week Brian and I spoke to the Big Data Meetup in Auckland, the topic was an overview of Ensemble Modeling (see the slides below). We also launched the Data Modeling for Big Data and Data Science course we are hosting in April.

The meetup is a great event, hosted by an awesome company Industry Connect (check out what they do), with over 100 people registered on a warm humid Auckland evening the cold beers were well received.

Brian’s slides are below but before you dive into them I thought I would tell you about the upcoming course. It’s very exciting. Hans Hultgren will be in NZ running his Certified Data Vault Data Modeler course so we asked him (pretty please) to stay and also deliver his Data Modeling for Big Data and Data Science 2 day course too (you can read more about that on the Genesee Academy website).

We are very excited about this course as it meets a real gap in the capability development market – there just aren’t enough good courses on Data Modeling for Big Data and Data Science on offer in NZ. It’s only 2 days and is designed for a wide range of roles – Data Architects, Data Warehouse Developers, Data Scientists and anyone looking to move from their Data Analyst role into a more developer or architect one. The high level overview is:

This course covers the core principles of data modeling (from Conceptual to Logical to Physical) through lectures and hands-on labs and exercises. Providing a solid overview of current techniques for modeling operational systems, data warehouses, data marts, and Big Data platforms.

In covering these areas, the course considers data modeling and design using normalised data modeling 3rd Normal Form for Operational Systems, Ensemble Data Vault modeling for the Data Warehouse, Dimensional modeling (and other presentation layer formats) for Data Marts, and Ensemble Logical Form (ELF) for Big Data, Cloud and Streaming deployments.

So do please check the course out and consider joining us. Until then here are Brian’s slides. To learn more about Data Vault (a concept introduced in these slides) you can read more of our blog. Enjoy! Vic.

Book here for the Data Modeling for Big Data and Data Science Course to be run in April 2017


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