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When I asked this question “How do I convert an HTML graph into a Jpeg on my Mac” at work the other day I got a few of answers.

  • Print to PDF then screenshot that.
  • Screenshot that. Command-Shift-4 on Mac lets you select the area.
  • Or my favourite, take a picture of that with your phone and upload it.


The last one was the easiest so I gave it a go, worked but the quality was terrible.


Then I got a late response to my question, use Grab.  I asked google what Grab was and I got no answer, so I decided to ask my mac and low and behold 10 minutes later I had a beautiful graph in Jpeg format.


These are the steps that I took.

  1. Move all of your fingers on the mouse pad in some logical way
  2. Type grab in the search bar
  3. Launch grab
  4. Use menu to   Capture; Selection
  5. Select your content
  6. Save as a Tiff somewhere
  7. Find the tiff and double click to launch in Preview
  8. Use menu to    File; Export
  9. Change format to JPEG and save


Here’s my graph as a Jpeg.









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