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Hans Hultgren is coming to Wellington next week to conduct his Data Vault Certification course and I have the massive privilege of working as his assistant.

Hans is a recognised guru in the field of Data Vault and in the wider BI and Data Warehousing context.

Having started my Data Vault journey based on the major books available on the subject, I cannot over-recommend the face to face opportunity that this course presents.

Data Vault consists of just 3 major concepts – Hubs, Links, and Satellites.

This simplicity makes it suitable for Agile projects, highly automatable and misleads one into thinking the whole process is as easy as that.

Which it is from a technical perspective, but with great simplicity comes great flexibility.

There are so many options when using these three lego blocks and, while the books do cover many of them, understanding the choices is so much easier with the experience which Hans conveys.

Having implemented multiple Data Vaults successfully, why am I so excited about working with Hans?

Well, Hans has a vast depth of experience in the field.

The course includes a significant hands-on component, where we get to debate and make choices, guided by Hans.

As always in these situations, the trainer stands to learn as much as the trainee.

And, Hans is a great teacher and overall good guy.

You can read all about Hans here.

I look forward to meeting the participants.

Keep on inventing – Brian

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