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Hans is second from the left. Source: OptimalBI

Hans is second from the left, see now you know what he looks like. Source: OptimalBI

You might know Hans Hultgren is coming back to New Zealand because you read Shane Gibson’s blog or somebody told you about it.

You can sign-up for Hans Hultgren’s three-day Data Vault Modeling and Certification starting on the 1st of August in Auckland here or the 8th of August in Wellington here. If you haven’t, you should as places are limited.

I’ve put together some links to blog posts and other stuff to give you some context about the course, Hans, and this whole Data Vault thing. Here goes;

Can you tell me about the course?

Sure, Data Vault Modeling & Certification is an engaging 3-day course, made up of 60% Group exercises and discussion plus 40% tuition. The course uses engaging real world concepts to make sure you’re ready to implement and support Data Vault in your environment with a certification to prove it. You can find out more on our Data Vault Certification page.

So who is Hans Hultgren and why should I be interested?

Well, according to his LinkedIn profile he is a Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence educator, author, speaker, and advisor. I’d also add that he’s a good guy.

Hans’ wrote Modeling the Agile Data Warehouse with Data Vault (Volume 1). Attendees at the Data Vault Modelling and Certification course get a book at the end of the course. Hans will probably sign it for you if you ask nicely. 

Here are some links to things which will help you understand the man a bit better:

What do people who have been on the course with Hans say about it?

Lots of the OptimalBI crew have done the course and written about the experience. The are probably the best people to fill you in.

What about Data Vault generally?

If you want to know anything more please get in touch, we love talking to people.

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