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We are wrapping things up for a well-deserved break over the Christmas and New Year period.

This has been an amazing year, so rather than trying to list all of the things we did, I thought I’d share some of the photos from four of the highlights of 2015 with you.

Lawrence Corr came to Wellington in March to teach his three day Business Event Analysis Modelling (BEAM✲) course, you can find out more about BEAM✲ here.

2015-03-31 15.16.342015-03-30 15.05.09

He covered our walls with writing and we loved it. You can read all the blogs here.

Me, Shaun and Bronnie went go GovHack in July.


There were tigers and you can read all about it here.

Victoria went to a castle in Slovenia to attend the RapidMiner conference Wisdom.

Day 2 presentationsLjubljana Castle

Not surprisingly it was amazing and you can read her blog.

We rounded out the year by hosting Hans Hultgren for his Data Vault course.


He was great to have and everybody had a good time, the blogs are here.

We had a great time with lots of other adventures in 2015 but I’d be here till next Christmas trying to cover them all.

We will be back next year with lots of new exciting stuff so the final thing to say is please have a safe and happy Christmas and fun New Year from Manny and the OptimalBI team.



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