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IMG_1458Last month we had Hans Hultgren, Data Vault extraordinaire, teaching his Data Vault Modelling and Certification course right here at our very own OptimalBI office in Wellington.

I had the privilege of doing this course in Sydney last year and walked away Data Vault certified, which some people think is a big deal. I thought the course was fantastic and highly recommended it to anyone who would listen, so when I found out Hans was coming to Wellington, I immediately told my colleagues they should attend.

It was great being around the office while it was taking place and eavesdropping in as the groups discussed the best way to model a particular case study. My favourite part was seeing everyone walking out of the exam looking exactly how I felt last year. Leftover pizza on day three was an added bonus for those of us in the office who were not attending the course. I have no doubt there will be a course food review blog from Brian, Ben or Shane in the coming days.

I have since talked to a number of people who attended the course, both OptimalBI colleagues and customers, and they are still buzzing about the course. Much in the same way I was after I completed it. Hans has developed a truly great course and is an excellent presenter and teacher, you can read his blog here or find out about the Genesee Academy here. He just makes Data Vault make sense and helps you understand why your data warehouse needs this methodology!

I like to think my talking up of Wellington’s exceptional beer and coffee scene in Sydney last year had something to do with Hans choosing to come to Wellington. Of course, I had to take him out to sample some of Wellington’s finest brews. Let’s hope he returns next year to teach the next group of eager Wellingtonians wanting to learn Data Vault!

Happy Data Vaulting, Nic

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