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So you have just installed the SAS Add-on for Microsoft Office (AMO) onto one of your users PC/Laptop and while logged on you test as the installer user-id, you open Excel and the SAS tab is available on the ribbon.  However when the user logs in and opens Excel the SAS tab is missing from the ribbon.

I have seen this scenario a few times and the most recent time I saw a frustrated user wait while IT re-installed the SAS AMO multiple times to have the same issue after each install.  So what can you do resolve this issue.

There are two quick things I do when I see an issue with AMO and the SAS tab not appearing, the first is to check to see if the add on is not disabled in the Microsoft Office tool and the second is that I run the switcher utility to ensure the add-on is enabled for that tool at the SAS level.

Check Disabled Items and the Common Object Model (COM) Add-Ins in Office tool.

The add-on may be disabled in the Office tool, this could be because someone manually disabled or the tool thought the add-on was causing an issue or taking too long to load (I’m not going into this in too much detail). So if the SAS Tab is not visible it is a good idea to check to see if the add-on is not disabled in the tool.

Usage Note 12964: The menu or toolbars for the SAS® Add-In for Microsoft Office might be missing’ explains how to do this nicely with all the different Office flavours.

Run the switcher utility

The other thing I do is check to see if the specific version of AMO is enabled for each Microsoft Office application on the client machine by using the switcherUtility.exe which is usually located in <SASHOME>\Add-InForMicrosoftOffice\<version>\.  As you can have multiple versions of AMO running on one machine it is advised to use the most recent version of the switcher utility.

When you run this utility (as the user not you, the installer) you see a window similar to this (depending on the AMO version installed)


This will enable you to see if AMO is enabled for each Microsoft Office application, if not select the application(s) applicable for you click ok and start the Microsoft Office application and 9 times out of 10 you can now see the SAS tab.

Hopefully performing these simple checks helps you resolve you AMO issue quickly, making a happy user, otherwise a quick google search may give you some additional pointers of what to do.

Barry, Preventer of Chaos


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