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“We’re agile.” How many times have I heard that from customers? Too many. So here’s a few things that I have seen to help determine if your organization is agile.

  1. Do you plan a) “just enough” or b) do you have a project plan?
  2. Do you work on a story a) as a team or b) alone?
  3. As a team are you a) co-located or b) in your own world?
  4. Do you communicate a) face-to-face or b) via e-mail?
  5. Are your users a) easily accessible or b) in their ivory tower?
  6. Can you change direction a) after 2 weeks or b) when the Steering Committee agrees?
  7. Is responsibility for delivery a) the team or b) him-over-there?

1 point for answer a), -1 point for answer b) or any other answer.

One last question. Did your organization just stick a corporate poster in the middle of my Sprint Wall? -100 points!



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