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Donald Trump threw his hat into the ring as a potential Republican candidate for the 2016 US Presidential election today. The internet reacted in spades, this turned up on my twitter feed within seconds as an example:


Source: OptimalBI


Like those other 6446 I retweeted it – because it is kinda awesome the internet never forgets anything. Information doesn’t get lost anymore, buried perhaps, not lost. Our digital footprint grows with every click of the keyboard or ping of a cell site.

Is there still a scenario where we can consider a reasonable expectation of privacy with regards our personal data in 2015?

The Donald Trump example is an extreme one and clearly he made this statement in the public domain so would have no expectation of privacy. Many of us exchange our spending habits data for a toaster (Flybuys) or air points or discounts on fuel and groceries. Equally we click the “I Agree” button to continue using the technology services we have become dependant upon, often not reading all of the Terms and Conditions which are buried in fine fine print on the 26th page.


SAP posed an interesting perspective in this article, they state “If the Service is Free – You are the Product” underscoring this with the point “So even when you’re not a direct source of income, you’re definitely helping them earn their dollars.”

Over the next few weeks I plan to write a series of posts on data privacy and our rights as consumers of technology based services. Should be an interesting topic to delve into with fraught and complex issues, challenging legislation (and interpretation of such) and to a large extent moral and ethical dimensions to explore. Happy sharing, Vic.

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