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As those of you that have been reading my blogs know I’ve taken to combining Agile with running. I’ve already converted my running plan to use an Agile review methodology, which since you ask, is still going very well.

May’s Runners World magazine featured an article by Sam Murphy entitled Force of Habit which includes:

“Those of us who have got the running habit don’t find it difficult to lace up our running shoes. When the alarm goes off, autopilot kicks in and we’re in our shoes, chomping a banana and connecting the GPS before we’re even fully awake.”

As I read it, thinking back to the previous mornings 5:25 alarm call I realized running was a habit for me. And then the parallel dawned; so is Agile. It’s just a habit. Do it often enough, and it isn’t a chore or a laboured methodology, it just flows, take the ceremonies:

Planning; take the previously groomed stories, discuss, check sizing add to the Sprint.

Standups; activity since last Sprint, to next Sprint, blockers?

Backlog grooming; prioritise, add new stories, size.

Review and retrospective; show, talk, improve.

So how many times do you need to work as a Development team through the Sprint process to make all of this a habit?

More than 4. Because the team is still forming and velocity tends to be a little wild. Then things tend to settle.

6 or 8 should do the trick.



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