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I enjoyed the Cricket World Cup. I’m a Pom, and everyone assumes a cricket fan; other than seeing the West Indies make mincemeat of Gloucestershire back in their hay day I’d not returned to a cricket ground until England took on Sri Lanka at the Cake Tin.

Why do I mention this? A little imagination; I’m stood between the wickets, bat and helmet in hand, arms aloft, slowing turning full circle to acknowledge the crowd. They’re on their feet; I’ve scored 50.

This is my 50th blog for OptimalBI. And someone, somewhere is acknowledging this landmark. Maybe not in the cricket sense, but surely someone is?

Other than me, I think not.

But we all like to get a pat on the back now and again right? If you’re a cricketer you only have to make 50, if you work on a project you normally have to “go-live”.

Often this requires months and months of effort; most of which is forgotten as the pressure mounts, days get longer and finally you get it over the line. This is normally followed by a month of debugging as the product goes through a warrantee period. Go-live celebrations seem a little hollow as the pace doesn’t slow.

Agile of course doesn’t work like this. At the end of every Sprint we review the Development Team’s output and hold a retrospective. The retrospective should include positives as well as negatives; celebrate your success as well as look for improvements. I wrote about Anchors and Engines recently that puts this emphasis on retrospectives.

The teams I’ve worked with enjoy retrospectives out of the office as a break form the norm, normally accompanied by coffee, cake, sometimes pizza and beer.

Maybe next time I’ll just try a one man standing ovation



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