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We all know that at the end of a traditional waterfall project everyone is overworked, tired and probably a bit emotional. I’ve just finished a school Gala and that would certainly describe all of us.

Isn’t one of the benefits of Agile to work at a consistent pace (velocity) that’s steady and even and doesn’t burn anyone out?

Well, that’s the theory. But I work in the real world.

I’ve two Agile projects on the go at the moment. Both have external deadlines put on them that are effecting the points that the team are trying to achieve. Yes, I know, that’s not how Agile works, but in the real world, he who pays the piper calls the tune!

They’re both trying to increase their points by 50 to 100%. They’ve both done it once, and now they’re trying again for a second sprint. Review and retrospective wasn’t a happy place, but they know what is at stake; promises have been made further up the food chain, budgets committed and reputations are at risk, both their managers and the teams reputation to deliver.

Are they questioning why we’re doing Agile with hard deadlines? Yep.

Are they overworked, tired and a bit emotional? You bet they are.

But this is the real world!



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