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A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about Agile Running; my attempt at using Agile methodology to manage my running plan.

Just to prove that end of Sprint 1 wasn’t a fluke, I thought I’d repeat the thought process with a review and retrospective.

Overall my review determined the Sprint a success; total kilometers on plan and individually some very successful runs. In my last retrospective, I’d identified a start, stop and continue which I successfully implemented through the Sprint.

If you read my blog about retrospectives recently, I’ve had a go at Anchors and Engine. Again, had work doing a retrospective on my own, but it did lead to a few engines and fewer anchors than I thought I’d come up with!

Planning did make me think. The stories themselves are do-able, but the schedule needed some work; a couple of very busy weekends has resulted in reworking the weekend schedule into the week.

Agile working, running along!



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