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I’ve just retuned from my son’s school camp. The theme of the camp was “challenge” and the boys were certainly challenged in a big way; a tramp to the top of Kapiti Island (521m), a ropes course, river rafting, swimming in the river as well as a morning run every day.

There were also a lot of less obvious challenges; sleeping in a dorm, doing their own washing-up and keeping themselves clean. It made me think about the camp challenges I faced. For a start, 20 boys to get to know, five other parents to work with. Oh, and that boat ride to Kapiti!

What struck me most was the willingness with which the boys tackled everything put in front of them.

We’re all offered new opportunities and challenges every day. But I wonder how many of us grasp every one with both hands, take the challenge, leap into the unknown and have a go.


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