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I usually write about what I’m working on here at OptimalBI, but today it is time for something different.

Today, I want to take a moment to reflect on my achievement of completing Couch to Five K with the help of C25K.

I have run on and off since I was a boy running with my dad as we trained for the Bays Run in Auckland. So, sometimes I feel I have been running all my life. Having said that I would never describe myself as a runner. I don’t have the slightest talent for it at all. I am a talented swimmer. A former running coach of mine once saw me swim and remarked, ‘It’s a pity you can’t run like you swim’. I’d like to swim regularly but running is a lot better fit for my lifestyle at present, so I run.

While I don’t have running talent, one thing I do have is the determination to reach a goal. This is me after completing last years Bays Run in Wellington. The last 500 meters hurt, but I got there.

Bays Run

Couch 5 K helped me get back to regular running after taking some time off following that Bays Run while a new job and moving house got in the way.

Couch to Five K is great for untalented runners such as myself because it starts with alternating between running and walking. A 60 seconds of running and 90 seconds of walking for 20 minutes. That’s something anybody can achieve. From there the running slowly goes up and the walking slowly goes down, I was challenged but never past what I was capable of. I kept coming back for more.

Now, I can comfortably run five kilometres. I am going to make every effort to keep this going. A regular run for me is an important break from what is going on around me. It gives me time to think while I plod along. It makes me happy.

So, if your an untalented runner like myself, give C25K a go. You juste might find the runner in you like I am finding the runner in me.

Success is preparation meets opportunity – Jack

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