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Back from holiday. Gisborne hasn’t changed much. Still has the best surf school in the world, no, really, go there, try it. Deserted beaches that go on for miles, friendly locals and as hot as hell.

We discussed going somewhere different, but it’s a winning formula, so why change? But sometimes you’re forced into trying something new. Change happens!

I left my wife to finish the packing before we went on holiday; my shaving kit didn’t make it. It’s not like she doesn’t know that I shave, it’s just that it didn’t occur to her to pack it. The place we stayed at needed “Eco” products only going down the sink, so I discovered a new shaving cream and razor. Nice. Face like the proverbial babies bottom.

I also didn’t pack any reading material, but she did supply that! Holiday reading normally consists of biographies…I got given Si-fi adventure. I finished it, but, nah, not for me. Thank goodness for iBooks. Saved by Kevin Biggar’s row across the Atlantic (The Oarsome Adventure of a Fat Boy Rower). Inspirational! Read it. Do something.

So mixed results on the try something new front.

But one thing is for sure, next time I’ll make sure I finish my own packing.


Photo courtesy of Random House, thanks!

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