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Geoff is currently on holiday and asked me to fill in his blog-spot whilst he’s away. When we discussed it, he suggested something that he would not normally write about; so here goes.


Inspiration is a funny thing. If you’re told by your manager to “inspire”, you probably wonder what to do. I certainly have.

One thing for certain, inspiration can’t be found on a poster. We have a standing joke here at OptimalBI that once things get written on posters then it’s probably the opposite of what really goes on.

Take a look around your office…I worked at a company where the poster read, “we support and respect each other”. Besides being blindingly obvious; what kind of place is it where people don’t support and respect each other? It was easily transposed into “we report and suspect each other”!

Inspiration definitely doesn’t come from posters; it comes from people. Not their words, but their actions.

Some of the inspirational people that I work with run are willing to take on recognised wisdom here and here and are willing to learn new things to name but a few.

So next time you need inspiration, don’t look for a poster, look at those around you.

If you’re not inspired, its time for a change!


Geoff Hunt will return from leave shortly.

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