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20141112_125045I woke up to the dreaded 4am alarm clock.  It was always going to be a long day.  Jonathan Sellar and I arrived at Wellington Airport at ridiculously early o’clock to catch the red-eye flight to Sydney.  We were on our way to Hans Hultgren’s 3 day certification course on Data Vault Modelling.

The flight seemed brief as I immersed myself in airplane food and filter coffee.  After we finally escaped the zoo that is Sydney airport, we caught a train to Circular Quay, just in time (almost) for the start of the course.  With introductions out of the way, Hans got stuck into introducing Data Vault to us.  The morning was a mix of power point slides and group discussions, with a bit of morning tea in between.

I could very easily write an entire blog on the food I have consumed today, or rather the sugar I have consumed.  20141112_123537The amount of cakes and biscuits, all with a very ooh la la look, was rather overwhelming.  There were, of course, sandwiches and fruit to accompany the sugar treats as well.

By the time lunch time arrived, I had almost consumed more coffees than there had been hours in the day.  The up side of this is that I was still feeling relatively switched on and awake, which is always a bonus when you are required to learn.  During the last half of lunch, I went out for some fresh air and did the tourist thing snapping a couple photos of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House.

The afternoon session was dominated by group exercises.  We were split into three teams.  Our goal was to model a Data Vault on a Belgium Football league (or soccer as I call it).  20141112_150233As tired as I was becoming, engaging in a group activity was the perfect way to keep me focused.  Good debate was had amongst our team as we deciphered our Data Vault model.  Not everything was unanimously agreed upon, but we were happy with our end result.

A quick break for a biscuit (or three…) and we were back to critique each other’s models.  One team presented, while the remaining two acted as consultants.  There was a bit of banter back and forth, especially between me and Jonathan, and a small number of holes were discovered in all of our models.  All in all it provided very good discussions.

The remaining part of the day involved a quick teaching on surrogate keys and core business subjects from Hans. 20141112_183542 After that, we checked into our hotel and then wrapped up our lengthy day with what can only be described as a valiant Australian effort at making a craft beer.  Better than most other beers in Australia I guess, but certainly not what we have become accustomed to in Wellington.  Then again, Australia rarely does anything better than us.

I’ve definitely hit a wall now, time for some much needed sleep before day two commences tomorrow.


For Day 2 and 3 see here.

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