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In my last blog I talked about why you would want to start a community around your brand. This time I’m going to talk about what kind of community we are going to build and who it’s going to be for.

The thing about communities is that while I’m going to be doing a lot the work it isn’t about me. In some ways it’s about MagnumBI, because this is the reason I will be doing the work in the first place. But really it’s about the members of the community. This is an easy distinction to put on paper but it is a hard one to actually put into practice.

So, who is this community for? Not you Jack, get back to work.

Right, now we have me taken out of the equation let’s see if we can do better, it’s all about you really anyway.

One way to look at this is to say the community is for people for whom MagnumBI might be a solution. People who want a solid platform up and running in 30 days with data flowing in, reports out with some bits in between to make sure the data’s right.

An important point is that the MagnumBI community isn’t just for MagnumBI customers. Of course it is for MagnumBI customers but it is also for partners, potential partners, potential customers and practitioners interested in a practical BI solution.

This all sounds incredibly inclusive but this is a community of practice. It’s there for Business Intelligence practitioners. If you want to talk about the latest All Black selections, here are plenty of places both on and off line to do that. The MagnumBI community probably isn’t the best place to do this. All right, if you want to run Paul DePodesta style statistical analysis of Super Rugby to inform the next All Black selections and you need an outstanding data warehousing solution; well you just come on in and sit on down. We’ll get you a cold drink and have good talk about how MagnumBI may well be for you.

In an effort to put this into something useful and succinct we have come up with this as a basic statement of purpose and intent:

The MagnumBI community will be a community of practice. It will be a place where practitioners of Business Intelligence, Data Analytics/Warehousing, Big Data, and related fields can come together and to discuss their work as it relates to MagnumBI, including partners. It will provide a safe and respectful environment where issues, questions, problems and successes can be shared with the member’s peers.

A Community of Practice is a community, which is intended for people who work in a field, Business Intelligence in our case. This is different to a community intended for people interested in that field, not surprisingly called a Community of Interest. If you have an interest in BI by all means come on by, the first step to being a Practitioner is to have an interest. We think it is also important from the outset to state that providing a safe and respectful environment is important. We have all been online and experienced situations where these things were not evident.

The MagnumBI community is … a community. What this means is that it is going to be as strong and useful as it’s users. I’m going to be putting a lot of hard work, as a Socialist it’s my job. But you can help to build this community too; your feedback on social media such as Twitter or in the comments will help me to build a better community for you.

After all, this community is for you.

Success is preparation meets opportunity – Jack

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