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So here are our latest blogs sharing what we have learnt lately, we hope it will make your life easier.

Training in the future

I had the privilege of attending an instructor lead SAS Viya 3.3 administration course recently.  I have attended many in-person classroom based courses in the past, plus the odd webinar but this was my first Web Class or online course where participants could engage...

Bias – a capability challenge

It seems bias in algorithms is a very hot topic at the moment. In a surprisingly honest move Twitter admits their algorithms aren't always impartial: Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey has told US lawmakers the company's algorithms have not always been...

Data Vault on Graph database

Recently I have bumped into this blog by David Nicholson. I have heard an opinion that the Graph database and the Data Vault look similar before. This idea comes to mind when you see diagrams next to each other. (You can draw them to be identical, but it doesn't prove...

Web Accessibility

Introduction Web accessibility may be a phrase that evokes a number of reactions in different people. As a developer you may feel anything from relief to indifference to contempt. The fact is accessibility is important, easier than you might think, and can still look...



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