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So here are our latest blogs sharing what we have learnt lately, we hope it will make your life easier.

Now Featuring!

Recently I was asked during an interview how I would approach adopting new features in Oracle as part of an upgrade. At the time I feel I gave a pretty cursory reply and I just explained how I’d performed an upgrade (migration) across platforms and had implemented new...

Starting the day with hugs

Our philosophy here at OptimalHQ has always been to amplify and support the great works of organisations who enable our vulnerable communities or who provide resources focused on building capability. To that end in 2018 we have raised money, donated time and goods to...

What is ELM?

Enterprise Integration Platforms, such as the Enterprise Data Warehouse, store integrated data in a common database.  The features of this common target schema typically include: Enterprise-wide scope, Auditable data, Data sourced from several source systems, A...

Algorithms in the news

It's been an eventful few weeks news wise with many high profile organisations admitting to their algorithms containing bias, even our government have opened the door a wee crack acknowledging there might be an issue within their programmes. Here is a summary of whats...



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