Being Shane Gibson

by | Jun 3, 2014

It’s been a challenging month. Part of the challenge was Shane being away for most of it, so I got be Shane for the month, well at least a bit of him.
Which bit? I’m not going there. You can make up your own jokes; I need the job.
I got to look after some of our customers for the month. So we did a handover, but you never really know what’s gong on until you’re sat in someone’s office being asked where the report that they were promised last month is. Clearly lost in translation.
Shane and I are different. Can you imagine two of him? Or me?
And we know different things; he has an astronomical knowledge of business intelligence, I’m only just starting to scratch the surface. He comes up with three ideas to change the world every day, I’m more interested in all the problems that need to be overcome to implement them. I’m also a strong completer/finisher, which was perfect timing to get the report finished and back to the customer a.s.a.p!
I think I’ve returned to the theme a few blogs ago…teamwork. Or rather in this instance; why it takes two people to look after a customer. One to get them all excited, and the other to make it happen.
Never thought I’d be happening!

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