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by | Mar 18, 2015


With the arrival of Lawrence Corr in Wellington at the end of March to deliver his world famous BEAM (Business Event Analysis and Modeling) course that we’re hosting, I was reminded of the darker side of training courses.
If you really want to put the fear of God into a presenter, answering the “why have you come on this course” with the immortal words “because my boss sent me” guarantees an uncomfortable start. This has devastating effect when combined with a soft skills course.
Environment is also a key consideration. For some reason (I suspect cost), as a London employee I’ve attended a couple of courses on the south coast of England. Nice location, but turn of the (last) century hotels are often not up with the latest high-tech facilities. One that sticks in my memory was a windowless training room, the only daylight coming from a small skylight. This resulted in the attendees constantly switching seats so that we weren’t below the shaft of incinerating sun.
Food is probably the second focus of any course attendee. Closer to home in Wellington, I attended an internally organized course where morning tea wasn’t provided so that we didn’t mess up the new meeting rooms! Thanks!
Whilst on the topic of food, another Hotel based course garnished all meals with a small bunch of red currants; no, I don’t know why either. This quickly became a topic of conversation and “tests” put in place to ensure that we were not re-served the same garnish at every meal!
The one factor that you have very little control over, but can really make or break a course are the other attendees. Not a great problem for a one-dayer, but on a three or four day residential course it becomes more important. Normally by the end of lunch on day-one I’ll have decided if its bed-by-9 or bar-till-2 group. Thankfully the courses I’ve attended have been the latter, maybe there’s a common factor there?
Of course with Lawrence presenting at OptimalBI HQ here in Wellington there will be no such issues, we have a great training room, coffee and I’ll be supplying the red currants.
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