BEAMing with excitement! Lawrence Corr comes to town

by | Apr 21, 2015

For a while we’ve been delivering our 1-day Optimal Introduction to BEAM workshops. Originally we had a problem, similar to most people, there was a gap between building a Data Warehouse and understanding what was actually needed from it.
Before BEAM, requirements gathering was a risky exercise. Asking what people wanted normally resulted in vague requirements which had to be interpreted by developers and regularly involved re-work. Then we came across BEAM.
For dimensional modellers, BEAM gives them the details of what they need to build without confusing the business. For BAs it gives a great method for gathering requirements to model dimensions and facts without confusing anyone. Sounds a little too good to be true but it works! We’ve tried it with a few clients and we’ve delivered what they wanted with minimal re-work. Bringing the business along for the journey means there’s no surprises and the agile way it’s implemented means decisions are made quickly.
So we were really excited that the man who’d taken us down this journey was coming to town! We’d been excited about it for a few months so we were eager to see if the reality was as good as the mythology… Or should that be methodology…
It was awesome!! We got BEAMed for three days and there wasn’t a dull moment, Lawrence’s excitement and knowledge of the subject kept us all enthused and his real world examples helped us relate it to our own work and how it would benefit from some BEAMing. The course was a great mix of presenting, discussion and activities and the result was great – by the end of it our training room looked like the love child between a spreadsheet and a rainbow:
BEAM Workshop
After our course we were given the opportunity to talk some more with Lawrence and there’s some exciting ideas to come but I wouldn’t want to reveal any spoilers…
Keep exploring! Daniel.

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