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by | Sep 27, 2013

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend TechEd, a conference where Microsoft get to showcase their customers and new offerings but I’ll let my colleagues blog about TechEd because on the Thursday I had a clash – AWS (Amazon Web services) were hosting a free one day introduction, called AWSome Day.  Interesting that they held this on the same week as TechEd as you would have thought some cross over and I did noticed a few TechEd wrist bands – I wasn’t the only one missing TechEd. Was this planned or an oversight, who knows?
The AWSome day consisted of the first session being a ‘Sales Pitch’, which I expected as this was a free event, and then the rest of the day was their one day essentials course.  For those who don’t know AWS is Amazon Web Services and they basically provide Infrastructure as a Service or Cloud computing.
With over 400 delegates the present and follow through your training manual worked well.  This course is a very good overview of the AWS cloud offering, and was enough to make me to want to know more – A good thing as I will be one of the team looking after our AWS cloud platform.
Being a point and click environment it made the whole thing look rather simple, and I was left wondering if I had missed something.  I hadn’t, the AWS interface was very easy to use however as with everything planning was key.   You could just create an EC2 (their compute service) in minutes but if you haven’t done the appropriate planning would it be scalable, robust and secure.
AWS provides the whole package – Storage, Compute services, Managed services & database, and a simple and easy way to deploy. With these as individual modules so you can pick and choose what you want and ultimately pay for.
There are some cool features like Spot instances where you can bid for spare capacity and they have names for their offerings such CloudFront (Content Delivery), Amazon VPC and Route 53 (Networking) , Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier (Storage), and Amazon EC2 (Compute) to name a few.
So if you need some extra compute power or just interested in AWS’ cloud service, have a look at
I am hooked, and I am sure you’ll be impressed too.
Barry, Preventer of Chaos

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