AWS – Yet another free lunch

by | Jun 20, 2014

awsLast week I attended another Lunch and Learn event hosted by AWS.  This one was titled ‘How to improve your TCO and Optimise your Cloud Spend’.  In this blog I will attempt to summarise the information presented.
So why Cloud, AWS in particular

  1. Replace Upfront cost with low variable cost
  2. AWS provide scale of economy, reduces prices (42 times last 8yrs)
  3. Pricing model for variable workloads, and
  4. Save as you grow.

On-premises vs AWS TCO comparison is hard, on-premises costs can be hidden or shared for example space, power and cooling for server room.  However AWS try to help by providing a calculator (
The speaker’s (Matt House) Top 10 tips to reduce spend.

  1. Choose the right sized instance, and class/type.
  2. Turn of unused instances
  3. Use Auto Scaling
  4. Use Reserved Instances
  5. Use spot instances
  6. Leverage Storage Classes
    • S3 automatically provides 11 9’s durability, however you can reduce this to 4 9’s for a cheaper rate if you don’t need 11 9’s.
  7. Off Load Architecture
  8. Leverage AWS Application Services, ie Use Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) rather than a third party tool that doesn’t have all the redundancy built in.
  9. Consolidated Billing, utilise volume tiered pricing
  10. Leverage Other AWS Tools
    • Support
    • AWS Trusted Advisor

Tip 10 lead onto the other topics for the Lunch and Learn, Support and AWS Trusted Advisor.
Support Key points (

  • Follow the Sun
  • Highly talented teams
  • Not just there for Bug/Fault fixes; there to help architect, migrate or just ideas.
  • Provides some 3rd party software support
  • 4 Tiers  – Nopay||Developer||Business||Enterprise

Trusted Advisor Key Points ( )

  • Part of Business and Enterprise support
  • A Web Service
  • Provides best practices in
    • cost optimisations
    • Security Checks
    • Fault tolerances
    • Performance
  • Trusted advisor can only be run against the account that the support is bound to, ie you can’t run across your consolidated accounts (Answered after the event).

And to cap it off there was a quick update about training and certification.
So there was a lot covered and I learnt a few more things. Again AWS have hit the mark with their lunch and learn; good presenters, good topics and of course a free lunch.
A final note, two out of the last three AWS Lunch and Learns I have attended have been about how to reduce cost with AWS and their services, not the general sales pitch and buy more from us which I have seen in the past from other Vendor’s free events.  Keep it up AWS.
Barry Stevens, Preventer Of Chaos

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