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Your Agile data warehouse starts with: Who does what?

Your Agile data warehouse starts with: Who does what?

Where do you start a data project? Often we want to 'get into the data'. After all, we are data people; we got into this space because we like data.  That isn't what Shaun did while working for a customer last year on a project that needed him to make sense of 13...

Don't start your project with code

Cool, I found that date field I was looking for on line 8! But also on line 9...damn...what now? Source: author's collection. A natural way for data people to start our projects is to "just get in to the data and see what's there." Almost every week, in fact, I tell a...

What makes a good business rule?

Good luck parsing these rules into your data warehouse! Source: Wikipedia You may have noticed some posts appearing about Optimal Data Engine (ODE), our open-source and language-agnostic tool for better data warehousing. Aside from the technical breakthroughs, what...